How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker


Another poker game which is becoming very popular is Caribbean Stud Poker. Why? Because Caribbean Stud Poker is a fast paced easy to learn game that can be enjoyed by players of all levels of experience. Read quick and easy rules and playing instruction for this poker game here.

The player is not playing against other players just the house. Caribbean stud poker is an easy game to learn the basics and is enjoyed by players ranging from novice to expert.

Rules of Caribbean Stud:

  1. players may not discuss there cards with anyone. Anyone caught breaking these rules will automatically lose.
  2. should the dealer misdeal the cards to a player, that players cards are no good and they have to sit the round out. If the dealer misdeals the cards to himself, all the cards are collected from all players and reshuffled.
  3. You may only play one hand at a time.
  4. Your cards must be kept in sight of the dealer at all times. After you look at your cards and place them back down on the table you may not pick them up again.
  5. if any hole card is seen before the dealer calls no more bets all hands are void.

How to Play Caribbean Stud

In this game a player may bet before and after the cards are dealt, but no player is allowed to look at there cards, until the dealer calls no more bets. Every player is dealt 5 cards face down and the dealer gets 4 cards face down and 1 card face up. After all the cards have been dealt the players now have to decide if they want to raise or fold. If a player decides to bet he may bet twice his opening ante. If the player decides to fold he loses his ante. After all players make the decision to play or fold the dealer will turn over his cards. The dealers hand must qualify by at least having a king and an ace or better. Should the dealer not qualify every player wins.